Toronto-based alternative duo HjNX are back with their melancholic but defiant new single, “AK-Rocker.” “AK-Rocker” is a comeuppance – the moment a gamble becomes a reckoning. A chance for salvation, but a dance with malice.  HjNX invites listeners: “As the wave rises, and the heat falls heavy… will you dance?”Continue Reading

Versatility is the defining trait of Jeff Eager’s talent. The character and range of his voice, his expansive skills as a multi-instrumentalist, along with his approach to songwriting and arranging seem to move effortlessly through genres. “Joy,” his latest single, is a somber yet funky piece of blue-eyed soul musicContinue Reading

Lowery Mills are a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario, founded by singer and guitarist Jordan Lowery, lead guitarist Jay Mills, drummer Chris Melanson and bassist Maxwell Jacobs. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses memorable riffs and a country influence with stage antics and an unforgettable show that will makeContinue Reading

After 15 years as the co-creator and co-lead vocalist of Running Red Lights, Scarlett Flynn is stepping into the spotlight for her solo debut. She unveils lead single “Sour in the Sun” from forthcoming EP, Living is Hell, through which she pushes herself forward into unexplored creativity despite a highContinue Reading

Okabe is the creation of Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Kevin Okabe. After traveling the world and discovering his own unique sound that blends elements of blues, rock, jazz, and alternative pop, he settled down in Toronto to pursue his solo career as an artist.  Okabe’s new single, “Blue WasContinue Reading

The enchanting and delightful Jordy Benattar is a natural melody-maker and lyricist. She first caught the public eye as a film and TV actress, and is now pursuing her passion for songwriting. An up-and-coming artist with a pulse on ever-evolving societal changes, Jordy Benattar’s music feels like the most honestContinue Reading

janïsa bridges the gap between two disparate musical worlds, merging the intimacy and introspection of a singer-songwriter with the rich aesthetic of roots, soul, and RnB.  “Fly Away” was born out of janïsa’s choice to fully love and accept herself completely, regardless of what the world could or could notContinue Reading

On New Year’s Eve 2021, Justin Wiesinger took a leap of faith to pursue a full time career in pop music and songwriting. He is thrilled to grab this year by the horns and show the world what it looks like to be a passionate dealer in hope through energeticContinue Reading

After several years of working on different projects and touring across Canada, Tony, Simon, Deiz and Jack decided to form Tarbox. Through their post-grunge and alternative vibe, the band gives groove and a new flavour to these styles.The band has always been attracted by the 90’ sound in whatever theyContinue Reading

Opeongo, the moniker of singer-songwriter Keegan Trumpour, is following up his 2019 debut, Miasma, with sophomore LP, we’ll all go with (the-will-o’-the-wisp), produced by Aaron Goldstein. Kamouraska is a beautiful town along the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec and the title of his focus track, a ballad about an abusedContinue Reading