Aiza Shares New Single for Percussive, French-Language “Eff Around and Find Out” Anthem, “Kité”

After the release of her bombastic first two singles from upcoming LP, Sovereignty, Aiza is returning with “Kité,” her “eff around and find out” anthem which is built atop a blend of West African and Afrocuban rhythms. 

The only song performed in French on Sovereignty is confrontational and assertive. Its lyrics reflect a heated conversation between Aiza and an individual where she has finally had enough and speaks her mind.

“The title ‘Kité’ is a play on words,” explains Aiza. “The word ‘quitter’ in French means ‘to leave.’ And it can also mean ‘Qui t’es’ as in ‘Who are you?’.”

Inspired by instances in Aiza’s life where people have continuously overstepped boundaries and taken her kindness for weakness, “Kité” is about knowing when it’s time to cut a toxic person out of your life.