Alex Exists asks listeners to think critically on “Mindful Madness” from LP, Everybody’s Famous

Alex Exists is the new solo project of Alex Pulec, frontman of The Nursery (awarded Best Independent Rock/Pop Band in Canada at Indie88’s 2018 Indie Awards). His music is inspired by absurdism, hyper surrealism and optimistic nihilism with an acid tongue firmly planted in his cheek. He is fascinated by pop culture and ego. The signature of Alex’s creative work is his unique sonic touches, drum heavy rhythms and classic “pop through a blender” melodies. 

Alex wrote the song “Mindful Madness” in the heat of worldwide lockdowns. The lyrics touch on themes of self-reflection, questioning reality, and describe a sense of widespread confusion and a desire for clarity. Overall, this is a song that explores themes of self-discovery, rebellion, and societal disillusionment. It encourages embracing individuality, questioning the status quo, and finding solace in the chaos of life.

“Mindful Madness” is the focus track from the new Alex Exists album, Everybody’s Famous (June 16). 

Everybody’s Famous is an album that encourages listeners to navigate the chaos and complexity of life with a mindful and critical perspective, to resist being controlled or deceived, and to find solace and empowerment in embracing their own unique perspectives and experiences.

The album artwork is a satirical take on the “Best Pop/Rock Album of all time” but instead it’s filled up with the heroes, villains and most infamous people of our time, showcasing how absurd life has evolved since then.