Alex Exists Brings a New Holiday Favorite “Never Christmas Without You”

Founding member of rock bands The Ruby Spirit and The Nursery, Alex Pulec is now launching a solo project as Alex Exists. The Slavic-Canadian musician and producer writes music that sounds like a free wheeling explosion of the maximalist side rock, pop and neo glam music. Residing in Toronto, Alex owns a creative production studio where, in addition to recording his own music, he is involved in music composition, video production and mixed media.

This holiday season, Alex is making his first foray into writing a Christmas song. For him, the holiday season has always been melancholic as it coincides with bad memories. This song is inspired by the nostalgia of those memories and having the strength to move on from the pain associated with that loss. 

“Never Christmas Without You” isn’t a “I miss you” Christmas song, but rather a message saying that even though you feel like the holiday season is ruined, it won’t feel like that forever. We must move on and find strength to rebuild and do it again. Alex wanted to write a Christmas song that evokes a bit of sass towards all those hurtful moments in life. So if you’re feeling a little lonely like he used to during this time, you might resonate with this song. 

This is a song for anyone that feels crestfallen during the holiday season,” explains Alex. “Love it or hate it, the holidays bring out a lot of different and often complicated emotions in us all. This is a sentimental song that bites back and evokes a bit of sass towards all those hurtful moments in life. If you’re feeling lonely, like I used to during these times, you might resonate with this song. No matter how tragic life gets for you, there is always an extra seat at our table.”