Aline Deanna Debuts Epic Single “Over the Edge”

Vancouver’s Aline Deanna aims to capture the present moment with poeticism and humor all wrapped up in a bow of timeless country melodies. Half French-Canadian half doukhobor, and born in the small mountain town of Nelson, British Columbia. Inspired by the likes of Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch the spirit of old time country/western music rings loud in her singing and songwriting and is uplifted with a modern dose of americana. Her music is a tapestry of a nomadic upbringing that crossed paths with all walks of life.

On the single “Over The Edge” Aline has this to say “It’s a matter of perspective; either we can let the fact that we’re all just a small blip in the blink of an eye stress us out or we can be freed by this notion.” The song while dealing with heavy existential lingering questions is delivered in a comforting arrangement with Aline’s beautiful country croon. “I’m just a wrinkle in time, two feet and a worried mind”

Her upcoming record A swimming situation is an anecdotal collection of songs written over the last two years. The first single “Over The Edge” speaks to the collective uncertainty we all feel when faced with our inner critic and challenge to find our own perspective; unaffected by outside forces. Inspired by the polarization of her community during the covid-19 pandemic she attempts to offer a new outlook.