Alt-pop songwriter Apryll Aileen shares an introspective song about the “Wicked Ways” of human nature

Apryll Aileen is a classically trained pianist with a touch of science and spirituality; an alt-pop soulful vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from Atlantic Canada. Sultry vocals and an alluring stage presence make Apryll a fan favourite at music festivals worldwide. She transcends genres, creating her own undefinable sound with influences coming from pop, rock, electronic, folk and R&B. She doesn’t imitate – she creates.

Her new song “Wicked Ways” is a reflection about human nature and our propensity to act out and get angry at others. It’s an introspective examination about why she gets angry and says hurtful things sometimes, as well as how we judge and perceive the actions of others. Through this, we may be creating our own narratives (which are often untrue) and it’s only through walking in someone else’s shoes that we truly understand what caused their actions and words.

“All of us are capable of wicked things – all of us get angry, yell, say things we don’t mean and even wish ill will on others,” says Apryll. “But with that darkness, we also have so much light, love and peace within us. The song is meant to expose the vulnerabilities of the shadow and put them on full display.”