Alt singer-songwriter JAD tells us to “Say What U Want” on new single

JAD evades definition accidentally, intentionally. A young life spent caught between identities, JAD’s music seems to follow suit — not lost, per se, as it is unwavering in its right to exist in multitudes and in-betweens. Born in Canada to Lebanese immigrants, the implications of identity, both public and private, have been the unraveling and re-synthesis of this artist. 

As a singer songwriter JAD excels at having simple yet profound lyricaism wrapped in an easy and infectious listen.  As praised by Unheard Gems “There’s an Elliott Smith-like quality to these lyrics in their ability to be vulnerable and moving in their simplicity”  

His latest single matches that sentiment with a cheeky tune inspired by frustrating communication issues he experienced with another setting their expectations for his behavior in their head without being able to honestly explain why they had those expectations to him.