AMAARA Unveils ‘Child of Venus’ LP with Gorgeous New Single “Still”

AMAARA’s debut album, Child of Venus, is a bold and unforgettable introduction to Kaelen Ohm’s music. The Canadian-born singer, songwriter, and producer’s third collection of songs is reminiscent of classic-era dream-pop as well as Radiohead’s most spectral and haunting moments—and yet the resulting sound is entirely her own, teeming with detail in a way that draws listeners in and keeps them coming back. 

A reflective work that zooms in on the things we hold close and what manages to escape our grasp, Child of Venus is a record that leaves a mark on anyone who hears it, in the best way possible. Stream + share the LP featuring the stunning track, “Still,” in full:

Still” swoops and bends like Treasure-era Cocteau Twins as Ohm immerses herself in what living through love really means. “It’s about looking at love as a journey,” she says while discussing the song. “At the other side of it, there can be so much reflection and beauty – and questioning where the other person is at in their process.”

Child of Venus as a whole is a document of rediscovery and transition, with Ohm coming up for air as an artist and human being truly reborn. “I wanted to share this emergence of me as a person and artist,” she reflects. I’ve been going through so much change, and this record speaks to the path that I’ve been on. I hope this music will find its place in the world and will be able to act as a companion in peoples’ lives if they connect with it.”