Global pop superstar and multi-hyphenated artist, Amber Liu, releases her new song to her recent 2023 series, “Can’t Go Yet.” Each one of the three songs perfectly display Liu’s talents and remind us once again why she is a global pop superstar, showcasing a wide range of different vibes and energies that can be appreciated by any music fan. This is the first collaboration as a solo artist for the multi-hyphenated artist with vocalist Scott Hoying from GRAMMY-winning a cappella group Pentatonix.

The latest track is a more subdued track with relaxed instrumentals that give the song an overall calm, soothing feel.  You can hear it from the gentle tones of Liu and Hoying’s voices to the laid back guitar in the background. The lyrics perfectly capture that internal conflict of wanting to stay with someone, but also knowing that you must go, a feeling that everyone can relate to.

In addition to her musical endeavors, the megastar has kept herself occupied with a range of projects. She took on the role of a host in her own show called “I’ll Ask The Stupid Questions,” an original program exclusively available on the international mobile streaming service, Ficto. Displaying her global presence, in 2021, Liu continued to actively engage in international ventures by joining the fourth season of the immensely popular Chinese TV survival reality series, “CHUANG 2021,” where she served as a mentor, sharing her invaluable knowledge on what it truly takes to become an internationally acclaimed pop idol. Expanding her artistic portfolio, she also delighted her fans with the release of an EP titled “y?” in the same year. Stepping into 2022, she made a remarkable comeback with her EP “Z!” featuring the sensational hit track “Easier,” a collaboration with the renowned international artist Jackson Wang. Moreover, in the same year, she captivated audiences as she graced the prestigious stage of the GRAMMY Museum to celebrate her illustrious music career and her latest creative masterpiece. Branching out into the world of fashion, Liu was personally invited by Givenchy to attend their Paris Fashion Week show, further solidifying her presence in the industry. Additionally, she collaborated with the brand on an exclusive capsule collection that combines the enchantment of Disney with Givenchy’s unique style, promising a one-of-a-kind fashion experience featuring iconic characters. Amber’s latest fashion partnership is with Lululemon as a Global Brand Ambassador where the superstar has a massive presence on promotional billboards all over China and on ongoing deal with SK-II.