Ambient EDM Artist Sebastian Reynolds Reveals New Single + Video for “How to Move Forward”

How To Move Forward is the new single by British keyboard player and producer Sebastian Reynolds, it features a guest appearance from ex-Navy Seal and motivational public speaker Jocko Willink. How To Move Forward will be released via the PinDrop label on 1st September and follows the Fetus single on 11th August and the Cascade single on 21st July with all tracks taken from Reynolds’ debut album, Canary, due on 29th September 2023. How To Move Forward comes with a video cut from footage taken during a night raid in Afghanistan captured by ex-army operative and YouTuber Funker530.

How To Move Forward follows on from the recent Cascade single, encapsulating the feeling of dread in the face of encroaching catastrophe. “Keep calm and figure out how to move forward” is an injunction from decorated Navy Seal Jocko Willink and in this context the army maxim of “keep your world small” is held up as a self-help doctrine of the simplest and highest order. Even through the hardest times self-betterment is always possible, and there is a quasi-religious overtone to it when rendered as a mantra. Musically How To Move Forward was inspired by the claustrophobic dystopia of The Eraser by Thom Yorke, and has a nod to cult stars such as Akira The Don, famed for his innovative use of sampling from stars of podcast culture.

Sebastian Reynolds has released a string of EPs and singles over the last decade including the pair of EPs Nihilism is Pointless / The Universe Remembers, Athletics EP, the Thai EPs Mahajanaka / Maṇīmekhalā and the trio collaboration records Solo Collective Pt 1+2 with Anne Müller and Alex Stolze. Alongside his own releases, Sebastian continues to work on commissions for Neon Dance, whose work that he scored, Puzzle Creature, has completed two tours to Japan and across the UK. He co-produced and scored the Thai dance and music collaboration piece Mahajanaka Dance Drama and is currently working on a film commission for Oxford University.

Fetus was composed and produced by Sebastian Reynolds in collaboration with Mike Bannard at Safehouse Studios, Oxford. Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Loop-O, Berlin.