American Ink Is a Band to Watch with Latest Album Release, Out Today

Today, American Ink reveals their epic new album What I See, What People See, available via all digital outlets.

American Ink is an independent Boston-based pop-punk/alt-rock band composed of drummer Nick Fauza, guitarist Michael Romano, and bassist Aidan Crotty. 

American Ink somehow successfully manages to stay relatable while creating trendy, yet nostalgic, music”.  What I See, What People See, is the next chapter in the band’s catalog, which sees them creating music further on their own terms. Their latest single from the release, “Synecdoche,” is a perfect first glimpse into the world of American Ink. With swirling guitars, strong and shout-out-loud vocals, the track is filled with a hypnotic rhythm section that helps to set the tone for the further release. 

Listen to What I See, What People See:

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No strangers to the music world, in 2018 their debut EP, Hand-Drawn Hearts, saw the band first starting to make waves. Their follow up, 2019’s Please Forget You Knew My Name, explored everything from hardcore punk to acoustic-driven balladry and included their most confessional, intimate lyrics at the time. In early 2021 the band released Up Next On...  which further brought their sound and vibrant energy into the spotlight. 

Fast forward to today; What I See, What People See showcases that theamount of sub-genres applicable to their sound just keeps growing. The release features a combination of upbeat, nostalgic pop-punk instrumentation and thoughtful lyricism. 

What I See, What People See willhave American Ink enticing you with their shredding riffs, exhilarating percussion, and hostile vocals – reviving the attitude and vigour of a sound which forges some monumental hits.

American Ink’s What I See, What People See is out now via all streaming platforms.