Angela Saini is “In It For The Ride”

Angela Saini is an Indian-Austrian Canadian and a crossover country-pop artist. The singer-songwriter has forged her identity through unflinching positivity and empowering ideals. While she has experienced some incredible success, being known for her positive and uplifting music through her debut album and two popular EPs, her success has come as a result of some of her darkest moments. Now, the Toronto-based country folk-pop artist is issuing a series of singles seeding a path to her sophomore album.

Angela wrote this song during a difficult period when she was questioning what she was doing with her life. There is a very personal metaphor describing an “old beat up car” that reflects how she was feeling as an artist and songwriter, with quite a bit of experience behind her. This year, she celebrated 10 years as an artist, with amazing career highs, triumphs, and also perceived defeats and discouragement. 

Despite all this, Angela posed the question: “Would I do anything differently?” Her answer is a resounding NO. 

“I’m in it for the long haul. I’m making music for life. I’m in It For The Ride!,” Angela explains. “When you look at life this way, you can never get it wrong and you will never get it done. Each peak leads you down a new path, a new opportunity to grow and expand yourself. That is what life is about.”