apollonio Debuts Epic Single “OCD”

Swallowed by OCD for the better part of a decade, it was in the solitude of the pandemic that Marc Apollonio discovered himself again. Years had disappeared into the mental disorder and his marriage broke up… but there he was, in a city silenced by COVID-19, starting to return to himself. He was privileged and fortunate: unlike many people, the pandemic brought more, rather than less free time. With the seclusion, his mind regained, he began working on new music. 

The best artists are ones that are able to render diverse and complex themes into a few incredible minutes of words, melody and rhythm. apollonio’s hope is to bring the same truth to his music. In collaboration with producer Mark Andrade and musicians Gary Pereira, Stephen O’Brien, the aptly titled single “OCD” captures the confusion and frustration of his experience. As well, the relief of getting past it with lots of help, effort and meds.