august brodie is “Sofa King Lonely” in New Single

Writing songs from the back of an ambulance during his late-night shifts as an EMT, pop-punk-pretty-boy august brodie is fuelled by a mission to get out of his small town and onto a stage where he belongs. Hailing from Thunder Bay ON, brodie has just the right amount of piss and vinegar to bring you back to that college breakup you’re still mad about. His sound is “the new nostalgia,” touching on emo, pop and punk, with unexpected nods to hip-hop.With 2.5M streams and an MTV world video premiere under his belt, august brodie is perfectly primed for his new home of Wax Records. “Sofa King Lonely” is his latest song and most vulnerable yet. Written, recorded, and produced in a 4 hour window before his flight to Toronto, there was no room for overthinkingonly his raw, unfiltered emotions as he fulfilled his wish of travelling away from his hometown and pursuing the road ahead.