Avery Raquel Unveils “You Said” Alongside New LP

At the age of 20, Avery Raquel isn’t new to songwriting, and has won numerous awards including as a Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest three times. In late 2018, Avery released her third solo album, My Heart Away, which was composed of all original music, written by the accomplished and maturing artist. 

Above all her other projects, Avery’s fourth album is a true representation of who she is as an artist. She’s found her voice, her sound, the style of music she loves to create and perform. That’s why this album is self-titled – it’s like re-introducing Avery Raquel to the world. Her  new single, “You Said,” evokes a moment of new love and how exciting that feeling can be. After so much depression and isolation, it’s refreshing to feel awake again.