borza shares his love for life in the collaborative song “Mundo de ilusión” 

Throughout the years, borza has collaborated on many records with emerging artists from the Quebec music scene, as well as with international established artists such as Emmylou Harris, the McGarrigle sisters, and Lauryn Hill. BORZA is a musical chameleon – his first release in 2016 was the alternative folk EP playing with time, his debut LP in 2019 was the indie rock/folk/reggae influenced Cocoon, and now he is offering something new – an urban/R&B/roots song, “Mundo de ilusión.” “Mundo de ilusión” is a track that has a mixture of cultures and styles – something grounded in roots, with electro beats, and a sprinkle of Latin flair. The song features lyrics in Spanish, French, and English. borza wanted to write a reminder to enjoy life. Don’t wait for that perfect moment to start living the life you want, get closer to it every day, one day at a time! The song was finished during a trip to Cuba where he met the Spanish singer, Yoandris Torres Fondin. As they were waiting for the studio to be ready, the two of them relaxed on the beach, playing around with song ideas. They recorded vocals for the track right there, and it ended up being the take used in the final version.