Brynn Knickle Debuts Epic Release “Fool No More”

Brynn Knickle was born and raised in Nova Scotia, where her love for music and the arts was nurtured early by talented and generous mentors. Rather than narrow in on one category of arts, Brynn explored each thread: dance, piano, guitar, singing, and acting. Eventually, it led her to acting and fight choreography in New York. Throughout all of these adventures, songwriting has been (and continues to be) a comfort to her. 

Her first release, “Fool No More,” was initially inspired by an unfortunately unhealthy relationship. After taking a break from the song and coming back to it, however, she realized that it now symbolized the growth and eventual peace that comes with realizing what you need from a partner… and what you don’t. Knickle is an advocate for mental health and finds sharing her stories through music therapeutic and creatively fulfilling.

Her song is a collaboration with one of NS’s amazing singer/songwriter/producers, Carleton Stone