Carlyn Shares Pop-laced New Single “Try to Get Away”

Newcomer to the pop scene, Carlyn, joins the likes of Billie Eilish and Madison Beer in creating a dark indie-dream style pop she’s coined “nightmare pop.” With her unique ability to adapt, a unique fashion sense (think Tyler the Creator x Miley Cyrus) and innate musicality, Carlyn is the artist to look out for. 

Her song “Try to get away” is inspired by wanting what you can’t have. It’s about two people who know they shouldn’t be together but still can’t help but fall back into each other every chance they get, almost as if the universe is playing games with them, bringing them together over and over to see if they can resist, but they never do. It signifies the feeling of being stuck, and the strong effort it takes to remove yourself from the relationship because the desire and the lust and the love are so powerful. 

“It’s a song you can dance along to but when you really listen close to the words it becomes haunting,” says Carlyn. “It’s almost an aural illusion, depending on how you listen to the song it can bring two different feelings.”