Casey Møøn Enlightens on “Parks II”

Over the course of 2022, genre-defying multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and one half of the production duo Zookids, Casey Møøn, plans to release his trilogy of EPs: Fountains, Mirrors and Ashes. Each project varies in genre and draws thematic influence from a different film or TV series. Listened to sequentially, the projects tell a story about growing up, identity, love and loss. 

Mirrors is the second EP in the trilogy. The previous EP, Fountains, is about feeling everything all at once, not really understanding yourself or what’s happening, just letting experiences flow through you. Mirrors is about growing out of that and feeling like you really know yourself – having a sense of mastery over what you want out of life. Casey drew inspiration from Twin Peaks and Blade Runner while he was making it so there are some lyrical references to them in the EP. 

The featured track, “Parks II,” is the one song that really distills the narrative of this EP. It’s about growing up a bit and riding the chaos of teenage life. 

Listen to the 5 track EP here:

“There are several repeating lyrical motifs throughout the EP trilogy,” Casey explains. “I feel like all of these sentiments can mean very different things depending on the context. A negative context versus a positive context, or a nostalgic view versus a forward thinking view. I find placing them in the context of different songs and in different places in the story of the EP trilogy gives them entirely different meanings.”