Hot on the heels of her cross-country tour with Virginia to Vegas & Ria Mae, iHeartRadio’s Future Star noelle delivers self-proclaimed ‘sappy’ love song “Mars” just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s “about finding your soul person,” she explains. “Someone that makes you want to be a better version ofContinue Reading

Singer-songwriter Steve Neville (formerly of The Balconies) is a cancer survivor and reconnecting Métis musician. He was rushed to hospital emergency in February 2021 after a period of rapidly declining health, diagnosed with leukemia and immediately began treatment.  Steve shares his experiences of fear, sadness, love, and hope on hisContinue Reading

JSJ (Joshua Säde James) is an emerging Canadian artist who incorporates self-worth and love within his music, with the message that “you are worthy, you are loved, and you are imperfectly you.” Just because you’re thinking about them does not mean they’re “Thinkin Bout U.” That’s what JSJ learned inContinue Reading

Singer/songwriter Lucy Morgan found songwriting to be the greatest form of therapy after her sister had passed away. She turned her deepest emotions into lyrics and a melody became a beautiful metamorphosis. Letting the world hear her songs feels like closing the chapter that inspired them.  As Lucy readies herContinue Reading

Today, singer-songwriter Taylor Grey releases the upbeat single “Ever Knew Me” via Kobalt. The pop song describes the story personal to the songstress having a paralyzing fear of saying goodbye to people. This is the first single launching her comeback to the music industry after a two year hiatus, withContinue Reading

If Show ‘Em What You’ve Got was a brilliantly brash and buoyant slice of R&B, Ostarè returns with something slightly more chilled, more soothing, and more understated. But that is not to say that Deep Down isn’t still filled with the same message of empowerment and inner healing, it is just thatContinue Reading

Jason Maxwell is a singer-songwriter and recording artist known for his high-energy performances and approachable personality. Jason’s unique approach to posting creative content online coupled with his genuine eagerness to engage and interact with his listeners has helped him garner global viewership with 70+ million views across social media platformsContinue Reading

Actor Ian Lake’s arrival in the Canadian music landscape has reached a new milestone, with his debut album, What It Is, sharing his journey from fragile vulnerability to courage and resolve. Written during the long isolation of 2020 and produced by Matthew Barber, the eight songs cover loss and hope,Continue Reading

Dead Levee, the old-school Saskatchewan-based rock band, are sharing “Rise Up,” a pedal to the metal redemption rock song.  Produced in collaboration with JUNO Award-winner, Garth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine, Nickelback, Rise Against), this high energy track was written to stoke listeners’ internal fire and is the title trackContinue Reading