Emerging international pop star, Barbara Nadas, has released her new song “SOAR;” found on all streaming platforms today. Known for her previous songs “Overthink” and “Semmit nem ér(sz),” this new track takes a journey through her struggles and showcases her resilience like never before. “SOAR” is more than just a song; it’sContinue Reading

Eleanor is a singer-songwriter with an R&B leaning sound, coloured in hues of soul and indie. Resonating in a more alternative and folk frequency, “Former Friend” is the latest preview from forthcoming debut EP, A Late Bloom.  Preluding her wistful new single, “Former Friend,” she explains that “Emotional intimacy requiresContinue Reading

Horse Head Men reveal their new single “Concrete Heaven” out today via all digital platforms.  With their roots in TV music work, Horse Head Men is an explosive rock trio based out of Lyndhurst NJ. Blending each member’s deep musical knowledge and influences, from classical to psychedelic, they have createdContinue Reading

Following up the one-million-view debut music video WILD TONIGHT in February, the member of International music sensation, SB19, JOSH CULLEN, has released Pakiusap Lang also known as Please via English translation, now available on all digital music services via Sony Music Philippines. Along with ‘WILD TONIGHT’, these songs showcase JOSHContinue Reading

Hot on the heels of her cross-country tour with Virginia to Vegas & Ria Mae, iHeartRadio’s Future Star noelle delivers self-proclaimed ‘sappy’ love song “Mars” just in time for Valentine’s Day. It’s “about finding your soul person,” she explains. “Someone that makes you want to be a better version ofContinue Reading

Singer-songwriter Steve Neville (formerly of The Balconies) is a cancer survivor and reconnecting Métis musician. He was rushed to hospital emergency in February 2021 after a period of rapidly declining health, diagnosed with leukemia and immediately began treatment.  Steve shares his experiences of fear, sadness, love, and hope on hisContinue Reading