Celina Wolfe shares her honest self in introspective new single about facing addictions

Celina Wolfe is a Canadian pop singer/songwriter known for her powerful voice and emotive songwriting. She previously found success as the frontwoman of an all girls band in Montreal, but has truly found her voice as a solo artist. 

She spent 2021 recording her first album, which she describes as an honest introduction to her listeners. It’s Celina’s belief that an artist starts off their relationship with their fans the right way by sharing a bit of all their shades. From vulnerability to excitement and everything in between, this is her way of shaking hands with her new listeners. 

Debut album, CELINA, is out now. The lead single, “Coming Right Back,” was the first song written for the album with producer Ken Pressé. It’s a vulnerable and powerful ballad about her battle with addiction and alcoholism. 

“The lyric “Here I am, nothing in hand, so I beg, please let me go’ from the chorus of ‘Coming Right Back’ hits really deep for me,” explains Celina. “Most people think this song is about a break up but really it’s about overcoming my battle with addiction and alcoholism. I will never forget the feeling of being brought to my knees, with absolutely no fight left in me, begging to whatever was out there to relieve me of the insanity. I can barely sing that line without choking up.”