Clare Siobhan blends folk and pop with bubbly summer single “3/2 (Loves Me)”

Onstage, Clare Siobhan is a natural-born performer, and connects with her audience easily. She is eager to make every stage feel like a late-night, living-room, private concert. 

The CBC recognized, award-winning singer-songwriter from Truro, Nova Scotia is now making a home for herself both in Montreal, Quebec, and in that cozy little intersection of folk, pop, and soul. Her layered harmonies paired with bright piano and ukulele lay the foundation for warm vocals that touch on connection, relationships, worry, and that age-old search for meaning and belonging that we feel as we grow.

Clare was inspired to join her poet friend who was participating in a prompt-based creative exercise to craft a song with the word of “misfit,” which became her new single 3/2 (Loves Me)”. “I was thinking about it and didn’t really want to write a misfit-themed song in the original sense of the word, so I decided to start writing something I knew: I was falling in love at the time, and it was exciting and scary and all I could think about,” she explains.

“3/2” is the constant thrumming question of new love: what if I don’t measure up to who they think I am? what if they get to know me and don’t like me anymore? And what if it doesn’t work out? 3/2 holds all these questions within it, and answers them with another question: what if it does?