DATSUNN shares his values that matter, at the “End of the Day” 

As a prolific content creator, you may be familiar with DATSUNN from his Twitch streams, his captivating Instagram beat making videos, or his collaborations with major brands like Native Instruments, Roland, and many more. But no matter how you arrive, Datsunn’s entrancing blend of classic hip-hop, soul, and R&B will entice you to stick around. Citing influences that run the gamut from J Dilla to Lewis Taylor, DATSUNN has perfected an ultra-smooth brand of engrossing eclecticism that is as fresh as it is familiar.

His new song, “End of the Day,” inspires a sense of peace and calm. It was created as part of a YouTube series he was working on, called Behind The Pads, where he picked a random sample and made a new piece of music based on it. This particular sample came from Toronto producer, The Kount. 

The lyrics came to Datsunn easily as he was thinking about what he values in this world and wanted to share it with his audience: “All these things we need, like money, fame and greed. Do they mean anything? At the end of the day.”

“The world, especially on social media revolves around the things we have or don’t have, and we’re always made to feel like we need more,” says DATSUNN. “I came to the realization that I really don’t need any of it. Does it all mean anything to us at the end of the day?”