Dead Levee Gets Bold with “Shout”

Dead Levee is a 4-piece old-school, no-nonsense rock band comprised of members Tayler “Izzy” Morgan, “Sweet Baby” Ray Klapatiuk, Rylan “Buck” Dusyk, and Preston “Miami” Laschuk. Their aggressive, organic, and attitude-driven style harkens back to the high energy rock of the late 60s with the attitude of 90s rock.

The quartet’s live show features bold guitar solos, rippin’ vocals, and heart-pounding rhythm that revitalize the contagious energy of rock ‘n roll that the world fell in love with in a fresh new way. 

Born from an impromptu jam on stage, “Shout” unleashes ‘the inner beast’ and signifies a sonic renaissance. Mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica) and mastered by Noah Mintz (Matt Mays, Arkells, Death From Above 1979), the new single delivers their signature big sound.