Declan O’Donovan Takes the Wheel on new Single

The musical vastness and ambivalence of Declan O’Donovan’s sound is reflected by the picturesque backdrop between his home of Whitehorse in Canada’s Yukon and the urban centres from Toronto to Montreal that he frequents. For over a decade, the Canadian has succeeded in creating stylistically unique fusions of the most diverse of song writing approaches. 

The music for “Get Thee Behind The Wheel” was written on a purple baby grand piano in a basement filled with spiders on Vancouver Island. The owner of the piano and the house where it lived was an unfettered conspiracy theorist (and hoarder) who would show up regularly and unannounced and inundate O’ Donovan with his theories of the world. O’Donovan has no doubt that the setting and mindset of this weird ass time and place informed the strange rhythms and melodies in the song.