Two years of pandemic fears and lockdown threats down the line, Sharon Kovacs returns with her third album Child of Sin. Music, videos, costumes, set design, make-up and even the sleeve are her own doing. The third record is a culmination of everything she has learned these past few years. One hundred percent raw, honest, and independent. 

The result is a collection of highly effective songs that form one cohesive whole. Musically, there’s a lot of diversity to be discovered. Each song presented challenges regarding vocal highs and lows, with lots of layers and belting. Whatever the listener will hear, is more often than not the first take. With Kovacs’ first album, Shades of Black, she could barely let go. With her second album, Cheap Smell, some details and fringes were lost. Now everything’s ace from the get-go. Overthinking a composition leads to the loss of a song’s personal relevance and impact.

The one and only Till Lindemann features on the duet and title track, “Child of Sin.” The results are stunning, undoubtedly the record’s highlight; the voices of Sharon and Till are beautifully complementary.
During the writing of “Child of Sin,” I immediately thought of Till, I wanted it to be a duet. The message is loud and clear, because you seldom hear a male and a female voice team up to bring a story to a song. We shot the video in November 2022 and that was the icing on the cake! Working with Till was a learning process for me, I feasted my eyes on every detail. A huge-ass set, 30 people working on a big short film. People really seem to believe in the song, the collaboration, and the message. It seems to touch them, which delights me to no end.