Etamine Enters the Chat with “AntiBlue”

Étamine is the electronic music collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Brock Geiger and Ian Jarvis. Having spent the past 15 years performing, composing and recording in a multitude of settings, the duo have collectively contributed to over thirty records and played shows around the globe with their respective projects, Raleigh and Chairs.

Their bouncy, first single, “AntiBlue,” was written remotely, but collaboratively through recording and sending sessions and ideas to each other from their respective studios in Montreal and Calgary.

The goal for this song production-wise was to have it feel like the song cuts off abruptly and all of a sudden everything’s in slow motion, like suddenly you’re in this halftime daze. As if you’re going along with your life thinking everything’s great and all of a sudden BAM the whole rhythm of your life is thrown off and you’re trapped in this dizzying dream world.

“Like most of the songs on this album, we were trying to create a sonic atmosphere in which one could escape their everyday life,” says Ian. “In this case, it was the mundane reality of social isolation. The production was meant to be immersive – we want to transport the listener to another world.”