Eva Schubert Reveals “Hard Hands”

Jazz and blues songwriter Eva Schubert is a fresh new voice, whose sound appeals to those who love the classic style of singers like Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, and Beth Hart. A native of Vancouver, Canada, her distinctive brand of songwriting mixes jazz and blues with other influences, while retaining her signature lyrical precision, with its poetry and humour.  

Her single “Hard Hands” is a tribute to blues legend Alberta Hunter, famous for singing naughty verses back in the 1930s. Hunter’s song “Handy Man” was part of the inspiration for Schubert’s lyrics. A swaggering saxophone, blues guitar, and driving drums set off her sultry, purring vocals about a certain kind of man. Callouses never sounded so sexy!

Our physical bodies, with their scars and callouses are often a testament to the things we have done, the way we have lived, and the challenges we have chosen. Schubert is fascinated by those things: the weathering that makes us stronger and more resilient. 

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“I am into weight lifting fairly seriously, and have been for years,” explains Schubert. “One of the things that happens to people who lift a lot is that you develop callouses on your hands. They form in the places where the skin gets pinched by the barbells. But those callouses are hard earned, and when you shake someone’s hand and you feel them, you know they testify to years of dedication and training. I see them as a badge of honour. That was the seed of the song.”