Excuses Excuses Shares “My Nicotine” from the ‘Listen Up!’ LP

Rock and roll is a weapon, a promise, an energy, and it captivates and inspires, pulling us within the fiery whirlpool of its deadly spell. Carrying that torch into a new era of young, sweaty, and overdriven rock and rollers, yet standing apart from those that have come before them, Excuses Excuses come armed with generations of melodies, influences, and inspirations to draw from. 

Pairing their unconfined, youthful energy with a pop sensibility and a focused sense of attention to the most subtle details of meticulously catchy songwriting, the rock trio from Oshawa, ON’s debut full-length album is full of jaw-dropping intensity and melody-heavy songs.

Its latest single, “My Nicotine,” was inspired by singer and guitarist Kyle Wilton’s fascination with the human tendency to struggle with toxic/self-destructive behaviour, and the cyclical nature of continuing to suffer even when we consciously know it is slowly killing us.