Feathership’s New EP ‘Peace Talks’ Speaks to Nostalgia, Innocence & Reconciliation

Feathership is the moniker for Jean-Philippe Sauvé’s musical project. First assembled as a six-piece indie-rock band, the act eventually morphed into a more personal and subdued affair, putting Sauvé’s delicate songsmith abilities to the forefront.

On new EP Peace Talks, Feathership displays a knack for memorable melodies and cinematographic moods, accompanied by Christian Sean (Hippie Hourrah, Sofia Bel) and a wide array of the best of the Montreal music scene: Guido del Fabbro (collaborator for Pierre Lapointe), Laurence-Anne (member of La Sécurité and prominent Quebec artist in her own right), Jason Bajada and Mat Vezio, among others.

The four songs address intertwined themes of nostalgia, a return to innocence and the difficulty of reconciliation; whether it be the epic sounds of Dream Aloud and “Fragments United,” the French-bossa vintage vibe on “Tant Étrange” or the hushed timeless americana balladry of “One by One.”

Solemn yet whimsical, the reverie of “Dream Aloud” is driven by the will to share optimism in the face of major present-day challenges. A “modern folk-utopian tale,” the visual narrative sews this together in a fun way, with clips from mid-century USSR animated movies.