Folk femme fatale singer Sarah Segal-Lazar stars in a romcom gone wrong in “Even Miami Is Cold”

Folk femme fatale singer and theatre actress Sarah Segal-Lazar has been making music since before she could talk. Folks say she took her first steps in ¾ time. 

She wrote “Even Miami Is Cold” after a trip to spend time with her long-distance boyfriend, but within two days she realised it was like a romcom gone wrong. 

The line that started it all – “Baby when I’m with you even Miami is cold” – feels like something Katharine Hepburn would fire back at Cary Grant. It’s a good reminder that even the most specific and personal stories can still live in poetry.

“I was so stressed that I spent a good chunk of the trip shivering, even though it was 30 degrees out,” Sarah explains. “Needless to say, by the last night, we had called it quits. I flew back to Montreal, half heartbroken and half bewildered.”