Folk singer Joel Plaskett pens the new classic campfire song, “Hey Moon (A Campfire Song)”

Joel Plaskett is a beloved east coast Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist whose music brings together the energetic melodies and hooks of power pop, the muscle of hard rock, and more intimate singer/songwriter fare. Plaskett’s songs are a perennial part of the national playlist, a fixture on “best of” lists, and the soundtrack to the lives of faithful fans across the country and around the world.When the YMCA in Vancouver asked Plaskett to play at their “virtual campfire” over the pandemic in 2021, he figured he’d write a song for a real campfire and the real moon above. Written with the beautiful simplicity of three chords, Plaskett started and finished “Hey Moon (A Campfire Song)” 15 minutes prior to recording it for the livestream. “This version gets kind of rocking for the summer festival stages but it’s basically a folk song at heart,” says Plaskett. “My hope is people will write their own verses for the moon and sing the chorus together.”