Folktronica artist Matt Fasullo comes out the other side of a year of psychedelic use on “OHSOPROUD”

Being bipoc and white, Toronto’s Matt Fasullo always struggled with his artistic identity. When he discovered his love for music, it became a diary of sorts, giving him an outlet to vent and discover who he truly was.  From the infancy of experimenting with music in his parent’s basement to 7 years of him maturing his sound, Matt splices together the warmth and rawness of folk music with the underbelly of alternative electronic.

“OHSOPROUD” their latest work is a detailed and sonically divergent production with sampled old home videos and the general static and pop they give off. Inspired by a year long dance with psychedelic drugs that left Matt further away from what he hoped they would give him. “They broke me down, shattered my ego, and I learned that there were some harsh consequences to treating your mind like a toy. I faced some harsh realities that I still live with to this day. This song is about a time I lost my mind, only to find it in a million pieces and slowly putting it back together over the years.”

At the end of the writing and recording process Matt had this profound statement we could all find comfort in “I need to embrace my life as it currently is. Instead of pandering to some idea of who I think I should be.”