Francis Blvd. “All Came From Me”

Based in Laval, QC, Francis Blvd. is the solo project of Francis Gabriel-Alexandre. Francis delivers a fusion of r&b, hip hop and an occasional touch of jazz elements led by soulful tenor vocals. After years of playing in several bands/collectives and in multiple shows, Francis started performing mainly as a solo artist in 2019, releasing a few singles and working on his debut EP, Radical Neutral, coming out on February 2nd.

The lead single from this collection, “All Came From Me,” is a great introduction to him, as a person and as a songwriter. At the same time that he praises his family for making him the person he is today, he also breaks the connection with a toxic relationship with his biological father (also named Francis), refusing to give him acknowledgement for his own negative traits. 

His self-produced five song EP, Radical Neutral, is Francis Blvd.’s representation of his state of mind over the last few years. It’s about being open to different perspectives and open to change as a means to grow as a person.