Global M-Pop Phenomenon Lay Zhang Debuts “D.N.A CYPHER” Performed by All-Star Chinese Lineup of Artists

 Last December, the abrupt emergence of a mysterious music collective piqued heavy curiosity within the global music industry. As the members associated with this new alliance continued to grow in global recognition, the rise of this stacked ensemble is bound to make huge sensations in the music industry in 2023 with D.N.A Music Alliance, created by the multi-talented musician and global superstar Lay Zhang (LAY). Members in this stacked lineup include Danko, GALI, Victor Ma, Shan Yichun, Wang Ziyi and Vinida, all of whom are hugely popular and talented musicians based in China. Just recently, the seven members of the D.N.A Music Alliance created two group Cyphers, each with a distinct style, to showcase the group’s versatility and talent within the music industry.

The production team consist of global hitmakers such as GRAMMY® award-winning heavyweight producers such as Murda Beatz, who has worked on more than 20 Billboard No. 1 albums, as well as BoogzDaBeast, who has worked with Kanye West for 25 years, and FNZ, the Australian duo, providing a substantial touch of guarantee for music production. This represents the first co-release of Cyphers by multiple top musicians in China, as well as an unprecedented collaboration on a global music project among top-notch producers from 4 countries.

D.N.A Cypher I

D.N.A Music Alliance’s “The Cypher” consists of two parts, the first of which adopts an R&B style for a soothing love song featuring Lay Zhang, Shan Yichun, Wang Ziyi and GALI. With Lay Zhang’s signature singing style setting the tone for the work, GALI injects raw emotions with his stellar rap verses that perfectly compliment the overall vibes of the music. Shan Yichun highlights the quality of a super international singer with her solid prowess, and Wang Ziyi adds unique layers to the piece, heightening its complex sound with exceptional tone shifts.

LIN, an artist who has yet to make his debut under LAY’s Chromosome Entertainment banner, also contributed to the Cypher with his highly recognizable, deep husky voice. While skillfully conveying emotions in Cypher I, the four singers have also successfully created a stunning sense of image that sufficiently illustrates the theme of “love” in this work. Through the combined, concerted efforts of three top-notch producers, the sophisticated post-production more than sufficiently demonstrates the unrivaled competencies of famous producers like BoogzDaBeast and FNZ – both who worked with unparalleled artists such as Kanye West in the past.

D.N.A Cypher II

Juxtaposed against the soothing R&B style in Cypher I, Cypher II carries with it a more authentic hip-hop style, this time a joint creation by Lay Zhang, Danko, Victor Ma and Vinida. Unlike the more lyrical tones spotlighted in Cypher I, part 2 offers an antithetical opportunity to allow these four members to showcase their stunning rapping skills. In terms of production, the work is a manifestation of the strong personal style of Murda Beatz. As a producer ranked on the top of platinum records, the award-winning hitmaker has customized the work that lives up to the highest international standards for the singers. Matouqin, a traditional Chinese string instrument, is flawlessly integrated into the arrangement, another M-Pop concept that LAY has strongly advocated for as a producer.

Building on the rock-solid foundation by Murda Beatz, Lay Zhang, Danko, Victor Ma and Vinida demonstrate their individual musical characteristics to interpret a story about love from an entirely new perspective. The two Cypher pieces by these seven alliance members tell a cohesive narrative through a plethora of different aesthetics and attitudes, all tied together via this theme of “love”.

Murda Beatz is rated by Billboard as the most influential hip-hop producer, topping the list of producers on Billboard Rap. He has produced more than 40 Platinum records. His musical catalog has been played over 1.1 billion times across major streaming media. During his career, he has worked with hip-hop heavyweights Drake, Travis Scott, Migos, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Polo G and Lil Baby. The world-renowned producer, BoogzDaBeast, hails from Kanye West founded independent label, G.O.O.D. MUSIC. Forming a close relationship with Kanye West during his youth, BoogzDaBeast collaborated in Kanye West’s monumental album “Donda”, including the eponymous title track “Donda” as well as “Come To Life”. FNZ, another renowned production team, has worked closely with countless artists such as Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown and MGK. Drake’s “Rich Flex”, which gained explosive success at the beginning of the year is just one of the many other tracks co-produced by the duo and BoogzDaBeast.

With their vigorous efforts to invite top-notch overseas musicians and production teams, D.N.A Music Alliance is committed to building a second-to-none communicative platform for original music, welcoming and encouraging talented Chinese musicians to create high-quality work ready for the global stage, introducing and pushing Chinese music to the world. With such a commitment in mind, the team will continue to work with other high-profile international musicians. Lay Zhang and his label will launch an album later this year. Make sure to follow along, since this is just the beginning as the label continues to grow and develop into an unprecedented musical feast, consisting of more world-renowned music producers, more artists, and, most importantly, exceptional music.