Good Dear Good Debuts Strong Single “Coffee and Sunshine”

Originally bearing roots in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Good Dear Good brings their East Coast heritage to their name. Commonly known as a greeting on the Cape Breton coast, “good dear good” is a simple response to “how are ya?” that emulates the kindness and lighthearted aura each member puts out into the world. 

And that’s what this band is – good. Their vibrant and emotional lyrics on top of harmonious indie-pop/rock melodies really shine through the darkness. 

Coffee and Sunshine” was inspired by Tim Hatcher’s first real run in with mental health issues and the struggle of getting help when you need it most. He was 19 and struggling with numerous mental health issues that he could not tackle on his own anymore. When he eventually decided to reach out for help, he called a mental health line for assistance and was put on a waitlist to see a doctor as soon as possible. He didn’t hear from them until almost 7 months later. 

The title “Coffee and Sunshine” represents remedies people use for a regular pick-me-up in their day to day – a way to get back on track if you’re feeling off or down. In many cases, those simple remedies just don’t cut it anymore. Proper help is needed, and it’s frustrating that there is a shortage of professionals who are available when you need them most. 

Good Dear Good are launching their celebratory self-produced debut EP, Arrival, in June 2023 with mixing and additional production by John Mullane (AKA Future Dad). Themes of finding your people — the ones you hold near and dear, persevering through mental health struggles amongst a broken system, and resilience are what make up Good Dear Good’s upcoming record.