HILOTRONS releases a 19 minute orchestral surf epic, “Lonely Cinema (Omission of Sin)”

Mike Dubue has released music under the name HILOTRONS since 2001, in addition to producing and recording for other artists including The Sadies, Ian Tamblyn, and Timber Timbre – which he also plays keyboards and tours with. 

Inspired by film scores of the 1960’s and 1970’s, “Lonely Cinema (Omission of Sin)” is a 19 minute fantasia composed of four movements with the third movement as a separate song cycle in two parts. 

This piece of music is the fourth addition in a series, following Lonely Cinema I & II and the EP Suicide Kingdom, that HILOTRONS released in 2020 and 2021. Twangy surf guitars and an orchestra of synthesizers weave together ever-changing complex arrangements and soundscapes built on funk and rock rhythms that serve up ethereal melodies and sudden bursts of noise. 

Composed, arranged, produced, performed, recorded and mixed at his studio (Studio Cimetière) in a 167 year old church in Quyon, QC, Canada, Michael Dubue creates a soundtrack that takes the listener on an anxious and unpredictable ride, only to arrive in the rain where gloomy characters emerge and an operetta begins. 

“Lonely Cinema (Omission of Sin)” features crooner, musician, songwriter, producer and actor Geoffrey Pye (Yellow Jacket Avenger), who also wrote the lyrics and vocals in the song cycle, as well as musicians Mike Feuerstack (Bell Orchestre) on pedal steel and Olivier Fairfield (FET.NAT, Last Ex) on drums.