Höhn Finds Balance Between Adventure and Relaxation in “Red Earth Creek”

Toronto’s Höhn is readying his debut self-titled album for March 31st. Hypnotic and electronic, would you believe it was made from the earth? Vast wilderness and lakewater, scooped up and sculpted into one sonic fixation: You’re changed by the landscape, so you change it back. 

From the tiniest sound makers, flies and mosquitos, to the effervescent flowing streams that lap and lap, Höhn is a 7-track album made entirely out of foraged field recordings. After travelling and camping through four remote locations in Alberta and Quebec, Eric Haynes (keyboardist of neo-soul collective Busty and the Bass) turned raw sound into explosive composition.

In the same way that the start of a backpacking trip evokes a sense of adventure and slight wariness, the album opener “Red Earth Creek” (of Banff National Park) marks the perseverance that takes over in the elements; the capacity for non-human connection to sway and shift our insides into a primal state of relaxation.