JAD “Don’t Let The Sun Set On Me”

Torontonian singer-songwriter, JAD, evades definition accidentally, intentionally. 

A young life spent caught between identities, JAD‘s music seems to follow suit – not lost, per se, as it is unwavering in its right to exist in multitudes and in-betweens. 

Born in Canada to Lebanese immigrants, the implications of identity, both public and private, have been the unraveling and re-synthesis of this artist.

JAD’s new single, “Don’t Let The Sun Set On Me,” is a warm folk track that crystallizes his ability to preserve emotions through songcraft.

These feelings were “born in the moments between a certain individual and I during the summer of 2019, two paths converging, if only for a night,” the artist explains.

“‘Don’t Let The Sun Set On Me’ captures the desire to want to remain forever in those moments as they’re happening, knowing they’re fleeting – that we’d have to part ways.”