Jam band Golden Feather capture their incredible energy on “Just For Now” from full live album, Welcome\\Release

Golden Feather is a project that was started by Steve Kiely and Brad Germain, inspired by their love of bands that like to jam and take their listeners on a musical journey. So far, Golden Feather has released the 2022 EP Now & Then (Sonic Unyon Records) and follow that with a full-length live album, Welcome\\Release.

Just For Now” is a song about fearing that the present misfortune will last, but dearly hoping that it won’t – that it’s just for now. The song features an epic saxophone solo by Murray Heaton, who was a part-time musician for the band before joining as a full-time member recently. The half-time sax solo changes gears completely from the rest of the song, and following that, there’s something about the three chords which oscillate up and down for the rest of the song are subconsciously dissatisfying.

“We’ve always felt that we needed to release a live album to really showcase how we see and play these songs in a live setting,” says Kiely. “Recording a studio album is a great way to capture a glimpse of a moment in time, but we believe that in a live setting, songs should have the ability to grow and change, just as a band does.”