Jane Jensen is Back in Action with “Changeling’ and ‘Revolution Maker”

An imagination captured by the glitz and camp of late 70’s variety show offerings (think Cher) and then consumed by rock and roll, poetry and electronic music, Jane Jensen’s mind and music tend to wander in many directions but her love for industrial music is the thread that weaves it all together. Jane’s music career began in Chicago with the release of “Sacrifice” a collaboration by Jane and industrial duo Die Warzau. Her most notable release Comic Book Whore, was signed by Jimmy Iovine and released by Interscope. Jane toured the US and Australia tearing up clubs and festivals but not before establishing a solid presence in the 90’s New York club scene including the historic CBGB’s.

Jane is back with two new singles that will blow your mind; “Changeling’ and ‘Revolution Maker.”

“‘Changeling’ and ‘Revolution Maker’ are like sister songs,” says Jane. “‘Changeling’ focuses on changing the self and ‘Revolution Maker’ is a hope for Universal change, for something better for everyone. Both of these songs were developed during the pandemic. I wrote ‘Changeling’ and re-wrote it again and again until I felt it hit that emotional spot I needed to fill. The song means a lot to me for my own development as a person and as a producer. ‘Revolution Maker’ was a collaboration with Marc and Eric Klee Johnson. They invited me to be a back-up singer in their New Wave band back when I was in high school. The rest is history. Writing music is a magical process but working with dear friends is pure icing.”