Jason Kent is living in the moment with “Fake Those Blues”

Jason Kent has been making music his whole life as a frontman with his band Sunfields, and has recorded and toured as a sideman in an array of Montréal bands. His debut album was released in 2006, and his sophomore album Soft Commotion, fifteen years later. Now he brings us his latest album, Common Tongues (out June 2nd), which delves into the caverns of song with grainy vocals, acid-laced guitars, boisterous pianos and swampy undertones of vintage folk rock. 

Fake Those Blues” captures a moment in time of a singer banging away at his piano. The whole time Kent was writing this song, he was just trying to keep up with it because it was literally written and recorded in two days. 

Kent and his engineer/mixer, Sam Gemme agreed that the song dictated that it wanted to be “live” sounding and natural. Some might categorize it as ‘70’s sounding. One can almost picture Harry Nilsson and John Lennon snorting lines off the console, cranking the master fader and singing along at the tops of their lungs!