Jazz bassist Jill McKenna debuts her solo album effort with “while anchorless we drift”

Created by Jill McKenna, Marivon is a truly eclectic group of international recording musicians who have joined forces to make an album of music, surpassing geography and genres.

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, McKenna is a New York City-trained jazz upright bassist. Now living in Nelson, BC, McKenna appears on 8 different instruments on her debut album, None of this is Mine, and is a self-proclaimed coffee-obsessed, wannabe farmer.

None of this is Mine is an album challenging the way music is structured, both literally and figuratively. Inspired by a cup of coffee in the mountains with the late Jerry Granelli, it is a conversation on connection. 

Co-written with Geoff Hudson, “while anchorless we drift” is an expression of love for your friends. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to get a little lost sometimes, and it will very quickly become the newest addition to your road-trip playlist.

“I’ve been a part of many other album releases as a bass player, but this is the first time full length album of music that I am leading,” says McKenna, “After getting a little lost in the jazz-music-school world, this feel like the most honest music I have ever been a part of, and what more could you ask for?”