JEEN Unveils “Little Idea” from new LP ‘Tracer’

JEEN reveals her latest full-length album, Tracer (Oct 21), co-produced with Ian Blurton.

She discloses, “Making this record helped me stay above water instead of going to the bottom, or at least make peace somewhere in between.” There is a vulnerable and fragile quality to her vocals: both warmer and less angular. One quickly realizes that Tracer is an immersive and intimate experience. A challenge or even a dare, to sit with and allow oneself to be taken in and even more so taken over.

“Little Idea” is a stripped-down song about wanting something and hoping it wants you back; like the point you give in after burning out on it for so long. JEEN continues, “I think on this album I was trying to convince myself it’ll all be ok, or if it’s not maybe that’s ok too… that quote ’find what you love and let it kill you’ sums it up pretty good for me.”’

JEEN takes us down the rabbit hole of decades past, yet this feels very present. The influences are here: grunge, punk, garage, shoegaze, prog and psych rock. Tracer exudes the warmth of something familiar without being or feeling nostalgic. Every great record shares what the artist loves and inspires them with the listener. This is where Tracer absolutely shines. Yet this is all JEEN and this is her best—so far.