Jelly Kelly Reveal the EP of the Year with “Warm Water”

In recent years, Jelly Kelly has consistently produced music that surpasses their previous work, showcasing their evolution as a band. Led by Keith Kelly, who is also a singer and guitarist in Monogold, Jelly Kelly started as a side project but has grown into a distinct entity. The band consists of Jared Apuzzo on drums, Nicolas Dube on guitar, and Dom Bodo on bass. 

Their music combines melodic riffs and buzzing instrumentation to create a unique and nostalgic sound. Their latest video, “Vitamin D,” carries a specific theme of isolation and the relationship between imagination, confinement, and the outside world. The video, beautifully illustrated and animated by Brendan Sullivan, effectively captures the emotions and the blurred state between reality and self-imposed boundaries. 

Watch “Vitamin D”

This track is part of their new EP, “Warm Water,” out today, June 2.

Listen to “Warm Water”

Jelly Kelly is renowned for their fusion of indie and rock aesthetics, which is evident in their latest artistic endeavor. The mix on their new EP “Warm Water” creates an open and spacious atmosphere, allowing room for the listener’s imagination to roam freely. The layered instrumentation laced throughout adds depth and provides a captivating backdrop to Keith Kelly’s precise and captivating vocal melodies. The band creates a diverse soundscape that emphasizes certain words and explores intriguing melodies. Keith Kelly’s vocals glide through the tracks with precision and intensity. With their alluring tones, the instruments pave the way for a mesmerizing musical experience that will leave you coming back for more. Recognized for their energetic live performances and their contribution to the ever-evolving Brooklyn sound, Jelly Kelly is poised to satisfy your musical cravings. Make sure not to miss their latest album, “Warm Water” available now.