Jenn Nucum Debuts Epic New Release “Get Better”

Emerging Toronto-based Filipinx singer-songwriter Jenn Nucum’s EP, Get Better, is an exploration of diverse soundscapes ranging from lush, orchestral pop to soaring, cinematic post-rock.

This collection of songs was drawn from inner reflections, re-evaluating oneself, analyzing society at large, and sitting with discomfort to dig deep into the injustices and inequities surfaced by a global pandemic.

The EP’s title track, a stripped back ballad which hums with intensity, captures a yearning and desire to ‘get better’ as people––to exercise self-compassion and take care of each other collectively.

Collective healing is the core theme of Get Better, which can only occur through looking at the societal wounds inflicted by broken systems, institutions, and obsolete authority created by capitalism, colonization, and white supremacy. 

We are all struggling but the initial step to a solution is found in the recognition of who and what the culprits look like in our day-to-day lives.