Jennifer Harper’s Releases Insightful Single “Beautiful Earth”

Today songstress Jennifer Harper releases her new indie folk meets adult contemporary ballad “Beautiful Earth” alongside a stunning new video.

Love and respect for the earth was nurtured in Jennifer Harper from a young age. Growing up in the 70’s, songs like “Big Yellow Taxi” by Joni Mitchell had a profound influence on her. When she heard her perform in DC, switching up the lyrics to raise awareness at a No Nukes rally – Jennifer knew right then her biggest dream was to create music with meaning. Music that had the potential for social change.

“I’ve been involved in environmental protection in one way or another for as long as I can remember. I’ve raised my children with awareness as I am very conscious about what I buy and what I eat. I am always asking myself what more can we do to make an impact?” shares Jennifer.

Reminiscent of Enya, Lauren Daigle, and Ayla Nereo, Jennifer Harper’s “Beautiful Earth” is a calming piano-based ballad dedicated to Mother Earth. This healing & dreamy incantation carries a cinematic sound and aetherial breath that delivers a sense of hope for the future.

“As I brought it to the piano to turn it into music, I wanted to expand this idea beyond my personal desires. I explored my visions for our collective ‘highest timeline.’ The answer came easily – connection to the earth. Healing our relationship with Gaia,” she says.

She let her spirit guide her on the piano, feeling into Mother Earth’s cries. Feeling her own cries for Mother Earth and the healing we all need to see us through this transformational time in history. Knowing that as she heals myself and we heal collectively –  it will be reflected back to us in the health of the planet. “This is the deep work we must do.”  

Musicians often boast they have music in their blood. They should give singer/songwriter/activist Jennifer Harper a run for her money. After listening to even a few of her missives, it’s all too easy to fall in love with her contemplative, assured artistry.

As a teen, she was drawn into alternative-music venues and reggae clubs. Hearing music at political rallies made the deepest impression on the artist. “I saw how music was motivating change,” she says. And she wanted in.

Strong female voices of the ’80s, like Annie Lennox and Chrissie Hynde, inspired Harper. The raw intimacy of Tracy Chapman’s voice and lyrics gave her the strength to be an artist true to her own experiences.

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