Jesse Maxwell is “Outspoken” on New Single

Constant forward momentum is a key for Toronto singer/producer Jesse Maxwell personally and musically. It’s a way to remain relevant, not only to his large online following but be true to himself. Rather than set himself apart from listeners, he draws them in, taking something highly personal and making it eminently relatable – regardless of your life circumstances and challenges.

Written about a romantic separation, “Outspoken” is a little bit cold, and a little bit sultry. The song embodies the feelings of spite and emptiness that accompanies this kind of grief.

It’s a blend of smooth R&B and bedroom pop, and features strategic use of wobbly swelling synth and bold percussive elements. Maxwell had the idea for this song to be simple yet effective in the production, but to keep the feeling of space or emptiness to mimic the mindset of the subject in the song.

“Since my last project, Hellion, I feel I’ve grown in my production style and lyrics – speaking in a more interesting way, and making bolder production choices,” says Maxwell. “I also feel like this album, LP2, sounds more authentic to what I want to sound like as an artist. I’m less afraid to be ‘out there’ and lately it’s something I’ve been gravitating more towards.”