Jesse Roper Unveils Strong Single “Throw This Rope”

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Jesse Roper is a blues/Americana artist with a penchant for writing modern indie infused blues music and delivering bombastic live performances buoyed by his virtuosic guitar playing. The stage is where he shines. It has been his home since overcoming crippling stage fright during his early twenties. Fear is a part of Roper’s past that seems hard to believe today – especially when you see the in-concert image of a six-string soldier, hair matted to his face, tearing up the stage, without a hint of second guessing. 

Following up on “Make It All Work Out,” the first single to be shared from his forthcoming album (set for release later this year), Roper is now releasing the second of multiple energetic, fresh, soulful and R&B inspired tracks. “Throw This Rope” is about being told how to run your life and career by folks who are currently running theirs aground. 

Essentially a home demo plunked atop an old 60s drum machine and then thickened up with the sweet sauce of a Gus Van Go bass track.