Julia D’Angelo is Ready for Anything on “Kathmandu”

Julia D’Angelo has just revealed her gorgeously crafted single and video for “Kathmandu.”

Julia D’Angelo’s music embodies a delicate avant-garde essence infused with a charming quirkiness, demonstrating her skill in seamlessly integrating conventional and groundbreaking elements to craft a distinct and harmonious sonic experience. While her artistic path initially unfolded in the realm of dance, Julia’s ventures into music, acting, and film have been greatly influenced by this background. As a result, she frequently embarks on projects that flawlessly unite various art forms, showcasing her innovative and multifaceted creative approach.

Julia shares of the track:

“This song actually started out as a poem that I had written years ago. I was seeing someone at the time who’s window saw the most beautiful sunrises I’d ever seen in my life. I remember not being able to sleep one night, and just staring out the window – looking at the same sunrise that I had seen many times before, only this time feeling immense guilt, because I knew I had to end the relationship, and I was terrified. The first line of the song “Never been so scared of the night sky, never been so used to a white lie” speaks directly to that feeling. What followed was a journey through my imagination, from being trapped and held down, to bursting through that window and being – for lack of a better word – free.”

Infusing jazz-influenced arrangements, unusual rhythmic phrasings, and understated spoken word into her dreamy indie-folk melodies, Toronto born, Brooklyn based Julia D’Angelo is a multi-disciplinary artist focusing in music and film. With an emphasis on the lyricism within her tracks, Julia seeks to defy genre conforming rules and curate music that is both honest and authentic to who she is and how she views the world around her. Musically, she pulls a lot of inspiration from powerhouse women musicians throughout the years – Nina Simone, Bonnie Rait, Amy Winehouse, Fiona Apple, Norah Jones and Ani DiFranco to name a few – making their way into her music through inflections of smoke-tinged vocals and a subtle avant garde and quirkiness. Prior to pursuing music, acting and film, Julia grew up a dancer, so she often creates projects that meld all of these art forms together.

“Kathmandu” is out now via all platforms.